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Experience Matters

Each of our professionals has each been planning, installing, and maintaining high profile enterprise UNIX servers for over ten years. Each understands what is required to provide maximum system availability for your critical enterprise sevices.

We understand that, despite initial hardware and labor costs, using system installation tools such as Jumpstart, KickStart, and autoYAST make disaster recovery easier to plan and execute. It also improves the ability to clone systems, to install numerous systems configured exactly the same way, and to test patches outside of your production environment.

We currently install and support virtualization software on Intel hardware. Ask us how this can help you cut your hardware costs.

We are adept at system level scripting in a wide variety of languages such as Perl, sh, ksh, expect, etc.

Each of us has experience designing base and custom Big Brother and Hobbit installations to improve and centralize your system monitoring and alerts.

We are adept at using Veritas and LVM for data protection solutions.

We provide Backup solutions using Tivoli/STORServer enterprise backup solutions as well as open source solutions.