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Electronic Mail / Web Filtering

Electronic Communications Experts

McNatton Technologies professionals are comfortable installing and maintaining ISP scale electronic mail and web filtering infrastructures. Our current customers currently handle over 6,000,000 email messages a day (over 90% of which is filtered spam) and over 80,000,000 filtered URL requests.

Today's business environment requires your email infrastructure to be reliable. It is not enough to simply ensure you are receiving email. You must be able to keep as much spam as possible off of your system while false positives (non-spam marked as spam) must be kept to an absolute minimum. Our experienced system engineers will work with you to ensure this for your organization.

If you are interested in limiting your groups web surfing or monitoring web surfing, we can help with a variety of solutions that fit your individual needs. Our experts can help you decide which of a wide variety of solutions is best for you.

Our experience with handling large volumes of electronic communications has led us to be experts on handling the massive logs such traffic creates. We are also available to help do forensics on these massive logs.