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Systems Monitoring

System Monitoring Tools

We have installed numerous versions of Xymon (previously known as Hobbit), Nagios, and Big Brother for our customers. This includes the initial planning, base installation, maintenance, and writing of custom checks for your specific applications.

Why use Monitoring Software?

As networks grow, monitoring individual systems becomes increasingly difficult. Monitoring tools such as Big Brother and Xymon/Hobbit automate many of these tasks. For each of these solutions, a client is installed on each server. Clients report back to a central server that provides a single source of information for your entire network, allowing your staff to quickly confirm functionality and identify problems. Through the use of email, pagers, and SMS messages you can also use these tools to automatically notify your support team of problems when you don't have someone watching the web interface, such as after hours and holidays.

You do not want to have your customers' complaints driving your support structure.

Modern systems are too large and complex to monitor by hand. Your system administrators should be fixing problems and enhancing the architecture of your system, not spending the majority of their time monitoring each detail of your systems by hand.

Contact us for an in depth discussion of your corporate structure and learn how these products can help improve your sytem availability in a cost effective manner.